Sometimes, music that you listened had an impact on you. I had been, too.

It was far back then when I was in secondary school. I broke my family’s printer and felt guilty and stress because of the guilt. Some thoughts like “what should I do?”, “what will my family do to me?”, or “will I be scolded?” occurred. Then, I listened carefully to “Menghapus Jejakmu” (literal translation: Erasing Your Trail) by Peterpan, one of the most popular bands in Indonesia back then. That song really relieves my stress and my guilt since the song chorus was like “you are not everything to me/ not created to halt my steps/ after everything has passed/ let rain erases your trail”

The next song that has impacted me was “Goyang Duyu” by Project Pop. It was a humorous song by a comedy group. Last time, I watched on TV about an investigation on a religion sect that has quite scary worships and practices, which shaken my faith, and because of that, I couldn’t sleep, scared, and felt sick on the next day. The next day, I felt really better after watching TV where they played that song with its music video which was really funny.

Fast forward to 2011, it was around the time where I started to listen to English songs and to like Coldplay a lot. I also joined the school programming club in which that time they are selecting the school representatives to the national science olympiad on the city level. I think I did really badly and after I finished, I went back and listened to “Fix You“, it was a really touching song as the starting of the lyrics is “When you try your best, but you don’t succeed”. Listening to this song, I felt more relieved and not that sad as “light will guide you home/ and ignite your bonds/ I will try to fix you”

Also in 2012, “Survival” by Muse is released (for London 2012 and also their 6th album, The 2nd Law) and I usually listened to this song before competitions or exams as the song meaning not to give up, to fight hard, to reveal all your strengths, and to win whatever lies ahead.

Some songs reminded me about my family.

Pachelbel – Canon in D” (especially piano-only version) reminded me of my brother. So during my brother’s high school time, he practiced playing piano on this one song only, and he practiced every morning in very fast tempo before he went to school, while I was just half-awake (since that time my school starts in the afternoon). Sometimes I missed this, especially after his graduation from high school.

Chopin – Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2” reminded me of my sister, who studied and played piano. Sometimes I was really annoyed by her practicing piano since it was really loud and during that time, I can’t do anything: too noisy for studying nor sleeping. Sometimes, the song was also not that nice for me. But gradually, the song that she played is getting longer and longer and nicer and nicer. This piece was one of them.

Those are some songs that had some impact on me. Most of them relieves me from stress and makes me calm while some others reminded me of home. Sometimes, I wished to go back in time where my family was complete and where life was much simpler back then. But what’s left behind is just memories and they shall not halt life to go forward.


8 October 2015

It’s official. I’m 20.

Over the past one year, I realized that I changed a lot. Thanks to NTUBS.

Now I am more confident, easier to speak in public, don’t feel much awkwardness when leading, and can express myself truly.

I haven’t updated this blog for quite a time due to my busyness (just knew that this is a valid word, I’ve been using the wrong word the whole time since I thought the noun for busy is business 😛 ).

How busy?

Now I’m the Vice President of Dharma in NTU Buddhist Society 33rd Management Committee. It was a coordinator role, overseeing three portfolios and also being together with the other coordinators in leading the society. It was quite a big task for me since I was new to this field and it is really heavy as most of the decisions for society will be taken by us.

That aside, during my life when I’m 19, I’ve traveled to some places that I never been before:

  • Bangkok, Thailand (ACM ICPC Regional Asia-Bangkok 2014)
  • Samosir Island, North Sumatra, Indonesia (family holiday during December 2014)
  • London, UK (only inside Heathrow airport, just for transit; but then I’ve enjoyed BBC Radio 1 live on FM :’) )
  • Mexico City, Mexico (Wikimania 2015)

I also did my first internship, it was at Healint, a start-up company where I did quite number of stuffs.

The best part I guess is that I received Wikimania scholarship and was covered in travel & accommodation expenses to Wikimania 2015 global conference at Mexico City. There, for the first time, I met those people that share the same idea of freedom of knowledge, those people that speak the same Wikipedia terminologies, and those people that are willing to spend their precious time editing Wikipedia. This conference has rejuvenate my motivation in editing Wikipedia that has been diminishing since 2011.

Let’s look at what I planned to achieve from the previous birthday.

  • Actively writing this blog.  –> partially, until the summer holiday; I felt that I always not writing on the weekends where I should have.
  • Do more side projects and have more ideas. –> initially yes until school projects ruined it. By having school projects, it was hard to have any more free time in doing other side projects. Besides that, (during internship) after work was also not good as I still have some chores to do and was already exhausted from the day.
  • Be more strict on schedule. –> I haven’t achieved this, though in the first half of this new semester, I have a more or less good sleeping/waking up time.

What I hope to achieve in the upcoming year?

  • Maintain body and mind: do sports and meditation. Also be strict on daily schedule and have some time for daily meditation and weekly sports (which I plan to be swimming) Besides that, also try to reduce consumption of meat.
  • Contributions to open source projects. MediaWiki? Mozilla? Who knows? Or at least do some more side projects that are useful.
  • Do charity, at least by donation to causes that needed it.
  • Frequently update blog on life events, thoughts, etc.

That’s it. Let’s hope for a greater year ahead 🙂