28 March 2013

Actually I’ve been enrolling in CS188.1x, a online course offered by University of California, Berkeley (known as “UC Berkeley” or simply “Berkeley”). The course is about Artificial Intelligence. The course itself is accessible to anyone at http://www.edx.org. edx also offered some other top-university courses. edx will send us a certificate (through email) if our progress of the course is above some criteria, for this course, it was 60%.

This course consists of 12 week, there will be 3 projects, and 6 lecture and homework, plus one final exam.

This week is Week 6 (of 12) of the course. We were given a project about “Games”. No, it’s not playing games, it is making pacman smart in playing games. We were to implement Minimax Function to simulate the all best and worst case of moves.

The course will end some time after April, which was prefect, because I’ve finished my study in high school. I just need to struggle to keep my progress good on weeks where the national exam was held.

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