National Geographic

Early in this month, I and my friends went out to Sun Plaza. I intended to buy this month issue of Reader’s Digest, but it was not yet available. I spotted a National Geographic issue for this month with a very interesting topic: Exploration; and a interesting question: Why we explore.

Out of 7 topic offered, I’ve just finished reading 4 of them:

  • “World of Explorers”: this topic is full of colourful pictures: high mountain, deep sea, volcanic crater, outer-space, and rain-forest.
  • “Restless Genes”: discusses the gene that make our ancestors to explore the world, and subsequently the outer-space.
  • “Risk Takers”: contains profiles of risk takers: war-doctors, snake venom searcher, ice investigator, etc.
  • “Crazy Far”: explains why we explore the space, including future plans of space exploration.

For me, those articles are harder to understand compared to articles in Reader’s Digest. Maybe the consumer target for this magazine isn’t teenager like me. But I will read it.

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