School (again)

It was the first 2 week of school. I got in to the school on the 4th day because I was still at Singapore, attending my brother’s commencement. When I’ve got back I got some good news that I will go to the National Science Olympiad at Jakarta this year on early September. Things were tiring. In the first days, I had to do many homework, from school and tuition; also copied many notes. Also, the drafts of the holidays in Singapore were not finished yet. I had to finish many things in a very little time, just like before, in school times.

In blogging, I’ve noticed how the statistics of page visit of this blog never get 0 each day since I’ve post about the song “Cobalah Mengerti” by Ariel, etc. It was not bad, though I also noticed that in some search engine, that post showed up in the first page. I wonder why they read that post; it was just an ordinary comment of that song.

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