9 June 2012

I was thinking of a holiday full of fun, no studies, no tuition. But they all gone wrong. The annual games in school called P2S1 that usually held on January or February is held on June. This week, I have gone to school almost everyday in the morning to join that games. On Monday, there was Programming Contest; on Thursday, there was “cepat tepat”; on Saturday, there was Graphic Design Contest. On 5-6 June, I also join National Science Olympiad at Province level (OSP) at Berastagi. There was also 2 TWoS held in this week. One on Monday, one on Friday. Tomorrow, my English tuition will held a grand opening at their new branch, and my class are tasked to market their course. What a tiring week.

This week, I have not gone to Johnson tuition at all. That was because: on Monday, I’m too tired after the programming contest in the P2S1; on Tuesday, I have gone to Berastagi to join OSP; on Wednesday, I have not returned yet from OSP; on Thursday, I must go to English tuition to discuss the things on Sunday; on Friday, the teacher couldn’t come; on Saturday, I didn’t have class. Hence, this is the first time (excluding holiday times; Johnson got very less holiday) I haven’t gone to Johnson tuition in a week.

I must go to my physics tuition in 20 times this semester and until the end of May, I just done it around 8 times. In this month, I must finish that tuition. My father yesterday asked me to join a TOEFL-preparation class which is held on 11-15 and 18-22 June. The normal tuition (maths, physics, also English) have not ended yet.

I have so many things to do in this June. I just want to rest. My plans are to rewatch Avatar: The Last Airbender; and replay Kingdom Hearts. But I think they all have to wait until next year. 😥 I need some  rest. Yes, I need some rest.

Update: At night, my father told me that when he register me, the TOEFL-preparation class is full and I can’t join the class.

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