This is my first post in 2012. This first 2 weeks are nice and (always) tiring weeks. New Year was nice, Paradise, the second single from the fifth album from Coldplay got into the #1 spot on UK Official Singles Chart which was announced on New Year; this is called “New Year’s Number One”. As early as 2 January, I must get into tuition while my school starts in 5 Jan.

Days before 2 January was very relaxing because I got many “projects” such as presentation in English tuition, and homework in Johnson tuition. My personal web project, which is currently a site for programming exercises like uVa online judge, but this is judged via API; (see

On the 11th of January, I got a very surprising news that I got the first rank in my class (which was 6th among the level). An interesting fact that “Paradise” peaked at #1 while “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall” (the first single from the fifth album from Coldplay) peaked at #6.

On 14th, the first part of an event called “The Wonder of Science” (codenamed “Science Fair”) was held in my school and it was extremely tiring. This event constitutes many science subject (including “Computer” which I am one of the assistant for the stand). At first, we thought that very few people will come but our stand cannot be closed until 4 p.m. (most of the others closed at 3 p.m.); and we thought that 2 computers are more than enough for playing the game (with one computer for explanation for the answer) but when all computers are used, there wasn’t enough too! I think this is because no one cares about the timer as when the timer alerts, there is no effect on the game. The second part will be held on 21st. For the 2nd part experiment, I code most part of it (the rest is by Peter); I used many security precautions such as disabling Firefox web console and Scratchpad, and using JavaScript (jQuery) to disable keyboard controls. This time, the timer will fully disable people continuing the game (the timer will also using sound when it reach 0)

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