Exam and All His Friends plus Mylo Xyloto

From 17 October until 24 October, I had exam on school. Yesterday (29 October), I have just received the results for the multiple choice questions.

  • 17: Chemistry: nice result (got 25/25 correct)
  • 18: Civics: not bad (got 28/30 correct)
  • 18: English: good (got 27/30 correct)
  • 19: no exam
  • 20: Maths: bad (got 22/25 correct). This is bad, I still need 3 out of 5 essay questions correct to pass this subject.
  • 21: Indonesian: not bad (got 29/35 correct)
  • 22: Biology: not bad (got 26/30 correct)
  • 23: Sunday; no exam
  • 24: Physics: good (got 22/25 correct)

17-23 October: “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends” week
24-30 October: “Mylo Xyloto” week

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